EED (Enterprise Ethereum Developer) Certification Exam (CERT-EED)


The EED (Enterprise Ethereum Developer) Certification Exam allows enterprise-level software developers to demonstrate an understanding of blockchain and Ethereum technologies, smart contract development, and considerations when implementing an enterprise blockchain solution.

This certification is ideal for enterprise-level software developers who would like to demonstrate their knowledge of blockchain, Ethereum, smart contracts, and considerations when implementing an enterprise blockchain solution.

Topics Tested
    • The basics of blockchains
    • The fundamentals of Ethereum technology
    • Solidity and smart contract development
    • Ethereum development tools
    • EEA Client specification
    • Enterprise considerations for blockchain solutions

Preparatory Courses
    • In-person classroom: Blockchain for Enterprises
    • Online self-paced: Blockchain Developer Program: On-Demand*
    • Online bootcamp: Blockchain Developer Bootcamp*
* Complementary courses

Exam Details
    • Objective Test: You will have 1 attempt to answer 60 objective test questions in 90 minutes. A score of 80% or more is required to pass this test. Upon passing, you will be issued a Certificate of Proficiency, certifying you as an Enterprise Ethereum Developer.

Exam Access
You have 10-days to take the exam starting from the date of your enrollment.

Certificate of Proficiency, valid for 2 years after issue.

About ConsenSys
ConsenSys Academy is ConsenSys’ official education arm, delivering a world class online and in-person education, providing industry-recognized certifications and growing the blockchain and Ethereum ecosystem.

  • Part 1: Objective Test
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Part 1: Objective Test"
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 2 years