Blockchain Developer Program Certification (BDP-C)


This is the certification exam to enroll in after completing the Blockchain Developer Program. You must first complete the Blockchain Developer Program On-Demand to take this course.

Demonstrate and verify your skills

  • Define and implement a dapp using the Truffle development framework
  • Write Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity
  • Manage smart contract deployments to an Ethereum network
  • Demonstrate knowledge of unit testing to ensure smart contract functionality
  • Build a web interface to send transactions and read updates to an Ethereum network


Developers and innovation architects with programming experience in JavaScript, HTML, object oriented programming and general web development who have completed the Blockchain Developer Program.

Estimated Time

You will have 4 weeks to complete the project specified in this course.


The certification process involves creating a dapp to showcase the skills and knowledge that you acquired in Blockchain Developer Program. You dapp will be reviewed by ConsenSys Academy trainers based on criteria that will be provided to you once you sign up for the certification.

Recommended Experience

The ideal learner has at least 1 year of programming experience, will be an experienced and passionate Object-Oriented Programmer, and is familiar with general web development, JavaScript, HTML, and Git. Completing the Blockchain Developer Program is a prerequisite for this certificate.


This program includes certification by ConsenSys Academy upon successful completion.

Best wishes and we look forward to seeing you in the course!
The ConsenSys Academy team

  • Project Specification
  • Project Submission
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: 24 months, 10 days