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Blockchain Developer Bootcamp Registration: Fall 2019 (BDB-2019)


Build your first dapp and master smart contracts in the industry's premier online Blockchain Developer Bootcamp! This bootcamp includes certification.

In this course, we start by teaching you how the underpinnings of blockchain technology come together to allow us to build the next generation of web applications. The earlier modules have more video and provide more of an overview of the relevant technology, while later modules get technical and have more hands-on coding exercises and walk-throughs. We will explore the Solidity, a programming language for Smart Contracts that lets you interact with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. We will walk you through many types of smart contract code, introduce you to key development tools, and show you all the best practices for smart contract development, all to prepare you for the final project towards the end of the course.

You can view the detailed syllabus here.

This page allows you to register for the Fall 2019 cohort of the Blockchain Developer Bootcamp. The fall cohort is scheduled to start around October 30th and run until the end of January 2020. You will get access to the course content and services when the cohort starts.

Key Takeaways

  • Well-structured content to provide a basic knowledge of blockchain technology
  • The most up-to-date topics and the latest advancements information in the field
  • Lots of programming exercises, quizzes, and tests to sharpen your development skills and comprehend the concepts
  • A wide range of examples and training videos to help you better understand the topics in a more engaging way
  • Use Cases to expand your understanding of blockchain implementations


Developers and innovation architects with programming experience in JavaScript, HTML, object oriented programming and general web development.

Estimated Time

This is an 11-week program with a typical commitment of 10-15 hours per week.


Cohort-based (twice a year) with active support from ConsenSys blockchain developers and trainers

Content Access

1-year access to the course content from the date that you sign up. You will also get lifetime community membership through our alumni network.

Recommended Experience

The ideal learner has at least 1 year of programming experience, will be an experienced and passionate Object-Oriented Programmer (preferably Python), and is familiar with general web development, JavaScript, HTML, and Git.


This program includes certification by ConsenSys Academy upon successful completion.

Pay With Cryptocurrency

If you would like to pay with cryptocurrency, please follow this link. We do not have automated enrollment capability for students paying with cryptocurrency, so please allow several 1-2 business days for us to manually enroll you. You will receive an email with your login details.

Note: The Blockchain Developer Bootcamp differs from the Blockchain Developer Program in that this program is cohort-based and the certification is included at no extra cost. As part of the Bootcamp, mentors from ConsenSys will be hosting open office hours several times a week for students in the cohort as well as be available for a chat and 1-1 video support. Going through the course with a group of peers provides an excellent opportunity for collaborative learning that is not available in the on-demand program.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at

Best wishes and we look forward to seeing you on the course!
The ConsenSys Academy team

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