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Meta-Transactions: The Key to Adoption?

Meta-transactions are a broad group of design patterns meant to facilitate on-boarding of first-time dapp users. This course is an introduction to the basic aspects of meta-transactions followed by conversations with developers contributing to meta-transaction projects in the Ethereum world. This course will give you a clearer understanding of the broad term "meta-transactions" as well as point out some interesting design implementations, technical hurdles and ethical dilemmas encountered while developing these new patterns.

Note: This course is best suited for developers with a comprehensive understanding of Ethereum and basic experience developing dapps.

  • Background
  • Meta-Transactions Problem Statement
  • General Workflow for Meta-Transactions — Local Key Generation
  • General Workflow for Meta-Transactions — Proxy Contract Deployment
  • General Workflow for Meta-Transactions — User + Proxy Interaction
  • Concerns about Meta-Transactions
  • Universal Login — Alex van de Sande
  • Introduction
  • I. UX Concerns in Early Ethereum Planning
  • II. Meta-Transaction Design as Abstraction
  • III. The Problem Solved by Meta-Transactions
  • IV. Proxy Contracts as Native to Ethereum
  • V. First Universal Login Talk & Executable Signed Messages
  • VI. Two Main Ways To Do Meta-Transactions
  • VII. ENS
  • VIII. Etherless Private Keys
  • IX. Universal Login
  • Burner Wallet — Austin Griffith
  • Introduction
  • I. Discovering Ethereum
  • II. Onboarding Difficulties
  • III. Meta-Transactions
  • IV. and Bouncer Proxy
  • V. Token Subscriptions, Gitcoin Grants and Gitcoin Labs
  • VI. Native Meta-Transactions
  • VII. Developing the Burner Wallet Part 1
  • VIII. Developing the Burner Wallet Part 2
  • IX. Deploying the Burner Wallet in the Real World
  • X. "Lowercase 'b' burner wallet"
  • Ethereum Gas Station Network — Dennison Bertram
  • Introduction
  • I. ERC-20 Re-valued
  • II. What the GSN Enables
  • III. GSN Alliance and Governance
  • IV. Spam Avoidance and Transaction Optimization
  • V. GSN and Layer 2 Solutions
  • VI. Ethical Issues of Meta-Transactions and Decentralization
  • Bounties Network — Simona Pop
  • Introduction
  • I. Bounties Network and Meta-Transactions
  • Next Steps
  • More Resources
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed