Zero Knowledge Proofs for Zero Knowledge Goofs

Does all today’s talk of zero-knowledge proofs leave you feeling like a zero-knowledge goof? Well, you’re certainly not alone. In this webinar, ConsenSys Academy will explain the fundamental concepts of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), focusing particularly on the SNARK implementation. We’ll discuss SNARK construction in an approachable format and describe multiple projects in the space, including recent developments of “universal” or “updatable” common reference strings. Find out why ZKPs have the potential to revolutionize transactions and data models.

It’s recommended that participants have a fundamental knowledge of blockchain cryptography and a stomach for basic maths, although all concepts will be described broadly!

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • Historical background of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), going back to the 1980s

  • Conceptual framework for ZKPs

  • The value of ZKPs in the blockchain space

  • How blockchain projects are using ZKPs

  • Downsides of ZKPs
  • Webinar Recording
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed